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Company Profile

Beijing Hengxiang Hongye Foundation Reinforcement Co., Ltd.


Beijing Hengxiang HongYe Foundation Technology CO.LTD.was founded in 1999, and it is a large private high-tech engineering enterprise. Its headquarters is Beijing.

Beijing Hengxiang Hongye is one of the most professional companies doing grouting reinforcement and water stop in China. Our technology provide wide range of services of the construction of high-speed railway, the tunnel’s operation and maintenance,  rectification of the foundation and mining.  The brand of Beijing Hengxiang Hongye enjoys good reputation at home and abroad.

Beijing Heng xiang Hong Ye Foundation Technology CO.LTD. ,the main business is distributed in five areas:mine grouting reinforcement, tunnel grouting reinforcement, foundation  reinforcement, fire extinguishing in coal layer and studying the special geological problems. We contracted many national and local key projects, such as , Humaling tunnel grouting reinforcement project , the grouting reinforcement project pitshaft of Tianshuibao mine, the grouting reinforcement and water-stop project in Getangjin mine, the waterproof curtain project for tailing pond’s dam foundation at Wunugetu Copper-molybdenum ore, the waterproof curtain project in sand and gravel layer at Beijing subway line 10, the grouting reinforcement project of sections of MHTJ-6,18,21,29,32 and 33 in MENGHUA railway.

Beijing Heng xiang Hong Ye Foundation Technology CO.LTD. follow the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, and based on the core idea of “creat value, pursuit of excellence”. We  will create an evergreen foundation, and build a professional company that is respected by the industry.  

Chairman Message

Cui Xuedong ,Hengxiang Hongye’s chairman and professorate senior engineer


Beijing Heng xiang Hong Ye Foundation Technology CO.LTD. grew up in Beijing, started with the industry of grouting reinforcement. It undertakes a sacred mission of developing the industry of grouting reinforcement and promoting the developing grouting and water sealing.)

Since the emergence of the company, the word “grouting reinforcement” integrated deeply into the growth of Beijing Hengxiang hongye. The word “grouting reinforcement” has become it’s  soul from the beginning of the establishment of Beijing Heng xiang Hong Ye Foundation Technology CO.LTD. Our company is always at  the forefront of the industry with the continuously improving the engineering quality and the technology of grouting and water sealing.

  Spring is flowery, and autumn is fruitful. After more than 20 years of development, Hengxiang Hongye created a successful career, tempered a professional team of nearly 200 people and gathered a large part of elites in the industry of grouting and water sealing. They are professional constructors with rich professional experience. They are professional engineers who offered advice for the projects. They are trainers who make many engineers’s dreams came true.)

As we look to the future,  “China dream”shows the future of China. In this great age of  pursuing dreams and realizing dreams, we would like to grow up together with partner who shares troubles as well as joys .)

Development History


Organizational Structures

Beijing Hengxiang Hongye Foundation Reinforcement Co., Ltd.




  1. Materials management department Human resources department Construction project management
  2. Financial management department Business department Branch of all over the country
  3. Engineering management department General affairs office Office of all over the country

Social Responsibility

Creating profits is not the sole mission and responsibility of Hengxiang Hongye. The success of the enterprise is closely related to the health and harmony of the society.

As a well-known professional grouting reinforcement engineering enterprise in China, Beijing Hengxiang Hongye Foundation Reinforcement Co., Ltd. are committed to promoting the development of economic, social and environment, and focused on improving people's lives. The company regards social responsibility as an important component of enterprise’s gene and core competence, and integrated the responsibility into the company's mission, culture and values, and run the responsibility through the daily management activities. We will strive to achieve scientific development, green development and harmonious development, and continuously create value for social, shareholder and customer.

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